Premium water makes a
better cup of coffee

There are dozens of ways to make coffee. Everyone has their favorite brew. But the one thing all the best tasting coffees have in common is premium water. Premium water for coffee has three key attributes:

  1. Virtually no contaminants that adversely impact the smell and taste of your coffee. The most common of these are chlorine, chloramines and iron.
  2. A pH level around 7.0. Too low and coffee can taste bitter. Too high and it tastes flat and uninspiring.
  3. Mineral content between 50 and 175 parts per million (ppm). This range promotes proper extraction. Lower levels dull the body of your brew. Higher levels prevent oils from diffusing during extraction.

Premium water protects your equipment

Scale deposits left by untreated water can coat your brewers, espresso machines and steamers. It damages heating elements. And it diminishes the performance of your equipment and reduces its life. Combating scale can be done using harsh chemicals and strenuous labor. You could also install a water softener. But water softeners simply exchange the hardness that causes scale with salt which leaves deposits on your glassware and silverware, and does nothing for the quality of your coffee.

Choose the right water treatment system

With HANS™ Premium Water Solutions you’ll have the water needed to make better cups of coffee. Our Reverse Osmosis Systems can reduce contaminants that can adversely affect coffee, help create the ideal pH balance and help deliver mineral content for the exact flavor profile you want.

Model 2/2R

Better tasting coffee

  • Reduces contaminants that cause unwanted tastes and odors in water
  • Provides a clean water foundation for optimal flavor profiles in coffees, teas and other beverages
  • Produces the ideal pH levels and mineral content for a perfectly balanced cup of coffee
  • Serves all equipment including espresso machines, brewers, steamers and ice machines

Equipment protection and cost savings

  • Keeps water-using appliances and filters free from scale buildup, thus reducing maintenance and replacement costs
  • Keeps glassware and silverware spotless
  • Eliminates multiple pieces of water filtration
  • Provides clean water throughout your whole facility

Interested in premium water for your coffee business?

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Water hardness outside system parameters may require pre-treatment with a softener.

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