Indoor Agriculture

Why premium water is crucial for successful indoor growing

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your indoor agriculture business is which water treatment system to choose. Why? Because the quality of the water you use will affect your crop, your equipment, and your bottom line.

Clean water makes better plants

Municipal water contains disinfectants like chlorine and chloramines. Well water can contain iron, hardness, lead and arsenic among other contaminants. These disinfectants and contaminants are easily absorbed by plants, and can adversely affect your crop by inhibiting growth and limiting yields. For plants to thrive, they need the cleanest water possible.

Clean water saves you money

Hard water and iron (rust) can leave deposits in costly equipment like pumps, drip lines and nozzles. These deposits can shorten the life of equipment causing downtime, repair bills and replacement costs. But with clean water running through your equipment, there are no deposits. Equipment lasts longer. Repair costs plummet.

Outdated water treatment systems

A water softener will remove hardness but adds salt… not good for plants. Carbon filters can remove chlorine but do little to remove arsenic and other contaminants.

Choose the right water treatment

The HANS™ Premium Water Appliance is the only water treatment system of its kind. It reduces contaminants, and reduces hardness without salt. Plants will get the clean water they need for profitable growth and yields. Water-using equipment will last longer and require fewer repairs. It boasts a recovery rate of up to 90%. And it alerts you when filters and membranes need replacing via mobile app.

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More about HANS™ Premium Water System

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