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HANS™ Premium Water provides clean water without the plastic waste

Bottled water is remarkably expensive and wasteful. What if the tap water in your restaurant was better than bottled water? It can be…

A HANS™ Premium Water Appliance provides a sustainable way to use water.

Your restaurant pays a lot for bottled water. But how do you pass that expense along to customers when water is supposed to be… free? How much of that water goes down the drain, along with the expense of it? Not to mention all the empty bottles, which aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. It’s a problem easily solved by using tap water.

You’re probably thinking, “Tap water? Gross.”

You’re right. Tap water can be pretty gross… until it’s treated by a HANS™ Premium Water Appliance. It cleans your restaurant’s tap water providing the crystal-clear, odor-free, contaminant-free water that’ll make you give up costly, wasteful bottled water for good. The clean water will keep lime scale off your equipment and unsightly spots off your dishes and glassware. Your business will not only be cutting costs and saving money but will also be environmentally friendly.

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