Doesn’t your family deserve the safest, cleanest water possible?

Our municipal water systems and private wells are exposed to a shocking number of dangerous contaminants. Reverse osmosis units and water softeners remove only some of the contaminants. But the HANS™ Premium Water Appliance gives your family water that exceeds standards for bottled water. It removes up to 99.9% of contaminants (lead, arsenic, iron, chlorine, and a host of others). Most importantly, it removes worry about the safety of your family’s water.


The HANS™ Advantage:

  • The HANS™ Premium Water appliance is a point-of-entry (POE) water filtration system. This means that any tap or outlet inside your home will provide clean, clear, and safe water for drinking, cooking, and bathing.
  • Stage 1 and 2 filtration reduces chlorine, bad taste, and foul odors.
  • Stage 3, the most advanced filtration technology reduces rust, lead, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial contaminants.
  • Softens water without salt, eliminating the hassle and maintenance.
  • A closed system simplifies the design, and eliminates the need for an atmospheric tank which exposes your clean water to potential contaminants.
  • Quiet, even when in self-cleaning mode.
  • Automated operation with online monitoring and a phone app provides additional peace of mind.
  • A compact and efficient package minimizes floor space needed.
  • A rustproof, high strength polymer frame ensures the Premium Water appliance will provide years of service.
  • Works with both municipal and well water systems.
Rest assured your family has clean water.

NOTE: HANS™ Premium Water is not intended to supply water to sprinkler or irrigation systems.

The HANS™ Premium Water Benefits:

User Friendly

  • Labor Savings: No more hauling bags of salt
  • Easy: Operation is similar to programmable water softeners; once running it needs very little maintenance.
  • Simple: An all in one unit eliminates the need for an atmospheric tank, repressurization pump, water softener and additional filters for icemakers and refrigerators.
  • Latest Technology: High-efficiency elements offer reliability, high performance and high rejection rates of contaminants
  • Easily Controlled: Use the built-in touchscreen or Wi-Fi app to know exactly how your Premium Water appliance is operating, and when it needs maintenance.


Thoughtfully Designed

  • Efficient: High water production with low energy consumption.
  • Compact: HANS™ Premium Water takes about as much space as a typical water softener system.
  • Modular: Ease of assembly, installation and maintenance with a single 115V plug.

Need to see your water stats?
We have an app for that!

Intuitive touch screen communicates water conditions, and service requirements.

Benefits of clean, softened water throughout your whole home using a HANS™ Premium Water appliance.


HANS™ Premium Water has not yet completed all testing and evaluation.
Specifications are forecasted values and are subject to change without notice.

Parameter Residential
60 gal Pressure Tank
80 gal Pressure Tank
Reverse Osmosis Capacity 3,300 gallons/day 5,000 gallons/day
System and Tank Flow 6 gpm nominal 6 gpm nominal
Peak Flow Rate 17 gpm 17 gpm
% Recovery, as defined As high as 80% As high as 80%
% Rejection, as defined Up to 99.9% depending on contaminant Up to 99.9% depending on contaminant


Designed and assembled in an ISO 13485 facility in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

*Above 3ppm iron may require pre-filtration.