Nothing is more costly and aggravating than downtime. Machines aren’t running. Workers aren’t working. Money is being lost. You’re pulling your hair out. One of the leading causes of downtime is pump failure. Pumps run hot. They have cheaply-made motors. They only run at full speed. It’s as if pump makers want them to fail.

Redundant Pumps put an end to downtime

Redundant Pumps start with superior, proprietary DC motors that are made to last, then add built-in redundancy. It’s two pumps in one. If one pump goes down, the other one kicks on automatically with no downtime at all. Redundant Pumps can keep your machines running, your workers working, money coming in, and keep you from pulling your hair out.

Built to last in the USA

Redundant Pumps are designed and built from the ground up using proprietary motors, heavy-duty bearings, ceramic seals and a stainless steel housing. Even with just one of these pumps, your business will experience less downtime. But with built-in backup downtime due to pump failure will be a thing of the past.

Built to save money

The motors used on Redundant Pumps are not only durable, but will also save you money on electricity. With variable-speed DC drive, the motors only run as fast as is required. With less costly downtime and fewer pump replacements Redundant Pumps pay for themselves.

Key Features

Digital control panel (included)

  • Allows users to adjust output pressures, flow, pump usage types, and set times.
  • Pump flow adjustable from 1-30 GPM.
  • Pump control and system alerts via mobile device or PC.

Motors (2)

  • 3HP, 48v DC, brushless, permanent magnet motors w/check valves.
  • Automatically adjust speed to meet pressure demands.
  • Up to 3,500 RPM.
  • Intuitive anti-cavitation system.
  • Nine turbine impeller vanes for increased head and flow rates.


Flow1-30 GPMRPM3,500 RPM
Operating Voltage48V DCStagesUp to 9 Stages
Power120-240 VACMotor0-3 HP
50/60 Hz, 20AMax Pressure160 PSI