It’s time for better water treatment with HANS™ Premium Water.

Our product line offers customized solutions designed to meet a full range of water needs and applications, including virtually contaminant free water, pressure boosting, pre, post and stand-alone water treatment – for products, people and equipment protection.

Modular & Scalable

Modular Flexibility

Designed to provide flexibility and scalability to meet your volume and demand needs

Smart Monitoring

Wi-fi enabled products with available monitoring via the HANS mobile App


Space Saving Footprint

Modernized design to solve water needs without the traditional footprint


Water solutions for equipment, menus, products and patrons

Water Solutions for common commercial and industrial applications. Deionized (extra clean) for specialty applications.

Water solutions for buildings, employees, asset protection and guest services.

Water solutions for plants and irrigation equipment for greenhouses, horticulture, farming, and hydroponics.

HANS™ Premium Water Products

*Input levels outside of device parameters may require pretreatment such as a water softener or iron breaker.