The water solution

Your job is to provide the best products and finest services, and preferably with water sustainability in mind.

Our job is to provide high-quality water with a water sustainability device – it’s called the HANS™ Premium Water Appliance.

No Bottled Water

End bottled water and plastic waste

With HANS Premium Water Appliances, you can put an end to water delivery services, bottled water and plastic bottle waste in your business. When you have the HANS Premium Water Appliances, the water coming out of every faucet and drinking fountain will be better than bottled water. Crystal-clear, odor-free and contaminant-free  –  making wasteful, expensive bottled water unnecessary for your business.

Recycle Gray Water

Recycle process water

Why waste process water by sending it down the drain? Reduce your business’s water footprint and save money with HANS Premium Water Appliances. They can clean process water and return it to your business good as new. That means lower water and sewer bills, and a sustainable water foundation for your business.

Modular & Scalable

Modular and scalable

Whether your business uses a little water or a lot, HANS Premium Water Appliances can meet the demand. Its modular design makes it possible for multiple units to operate in parallel. Need more water? Add more units. Need to service a unit? Simply take it offline while the other units keep running.

Save money on lime scale repairs

Save money on equipment repair

Hard water is the enemy of water-using equipment. Lime scale builds up on boilers, chillers, swamp coolers and misting systems shortening their lifespans and increasing repair costs. HANS Premium Water Appliances remove hardness, without using salt, helping costly equipment last longer and work better.

HANS Premium Water Appliances provide clean, consistent water that helps your business save money, be more efficient, and focus on being a world-class operation and leader in water sustainability.


Water solutions for equipment, menus, products and patrons

Water Solutions for common commercial and industrial applications. Deionized (extra clean) for specialty applications.

Water solutions for buildings, employees, asset protection and guest services.

Water solutions for plants and irrigation equipment for greenhouses, horticulture, farming, and hydroponics.

Water solutions for drinking, dishes, bathing, appliances and more.

*Input levels outside of device parameters may require pretreatment such as a water softener or iron breaker.