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Introducing the Unique
all-in-one smart water appliance to fulfill all your water needs

Hotel & Hospitality

We know that water is critical to the hospitality and hotel industry, as your patrons will come in contact with water with every sip, every bite they consume. Coffee and tea are at their best with top quality water, ice cubes cleaner, bakery goods more tasty and delicious. Top quality water means too that your glassware, crockery and cutlery all come out of the dishwasher spotlessly clean.

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Simple Solution for all
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  • All in one water treatment appliance for your entire hospitality needs
  • Integrated sediment, carbon filter and re-mineralisation unit
  • Removes hardness without salt
  • No mineral scale-up on equipment, so reduced maintenance costs
  • Integrated smart monitoring app to monitor, track and notify on usage and maintenance

The HANS™ Premium Water Appliance is designed to provide premium quality water to serve your hospitality needs.

Water produced by the HANS™ Premium Water Appliance, means that all your kitchen appliances will perform optimally as designed, and all your food and beverages will enjoy access to the highest quality premium water.

  • Manufactured using high quality parts and components
  • Pre-assembled control panel – no additional electrical installations
  • Equipped with automatic cut-off facility to protect equipment when low inlet pressure present
  • Fitted with alarm outlet monitor
  • Designed to flush permeate through RO system thereby lengthening life of filters

Compact, all in one system with small footprint


Easy to install & service


Low maintenance with few filters


Wi-Fi enabled for smart monitoring

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